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Website building is a tedious and boring journey, and if you are planning for an eCommerce site, the complexity multiplies manifold. You have to research, create a plan, execute them, maintain your page, and then there is marketing, which is another ballgame altogether. But there’s an easy way to do all this, and that’s exactly what this article is all about. Read on to know about the easiest eCommerce Website Builder, and how to jump across the deficiencies.

If you have already tried out traditional eCommerce website builders like Shopify, Wix, Volusion, etc., you know that’s it’s not for beginners. It’s another thing if you try out their premium plans, which is comparatively higher for a simple interface. They do offer a lot, but to start out, you need an easy to follow and fast eCommerce website. That’s exactly what Weebly does. what is an ecommerce website

The company was created in 2006 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Just a year of being in the market, TIME Magazine ranked Weebly 36th Best Websites of 2007. They primarily offer web-hosting services but have a very dedicated team just for eCommerce platforms. As of 2016, it has published 90+ million websites, including a lot of popular eCommerce stores.

Drag-and-drop and the mobile version feature

To start with you have to know the two most important distinctive points of Weebly. First is its super-duper easy drag-and-drop feature which allows you to handle your website like a pro. Complex programming has been compressed into simple clicks, and you need just the basics of the computer to start your online store. Second, is the automated mobile version of your web page. Whenever you build a website with Weebly, it offers you an automatic mobile-friendly version. What’s more, you can customize your viewer’s mobile experience easily. The whole system is very user-friendly both for the merchant to develop and the customer to purchase from.

Weebly package

The Weebly package is divided into four segments; Free, Starter, Pro, and Business. If you want a website with up to 5 products and limited marketing, then you can do it for free, and that too within just a few hours. It’s a good bet to start learning, but it’s not safe in terms of net-security. The next stage is Starter plan which costs a mere $8 a month. With this, you get your domain name, own brand customization and limited analytics.

The Pro plan is what you need for a proper mid-sized online e-store. You have to shell out $12 a month for this package, and it comes with everything from customers account maintenance, header slideshows, video and audio advertisements and product descriptions, etc. In this plan, you can sell up to 25 products. All these three plans come with an additional 3% transaction fee, which is triggered only when you make a sale. If you are making a huge number of sales or the value of your product is high, you would naturally want to cut off the 3% rule. Then you can get the Business Plan, which gives all the features of a huge e-store; unlimited products, best analytics, logistics and tax support, discounts and coupons, virtual cash, SSL security, etc. It costs $25 a month, but you won’t have to give any additional transaction fee. You are free to make as much profit as you want.  Click here top ecommerce platforms


Weebly offers 60 themes for various websites, out of which 20 are for eCommerce platforms. The simplest and stand out feature of all these themes are its coding-free environment. Whatever theme you choose, and however you customize it, it remains very clean and easy-on-the-eye. You just drag and drop everything like a jigsaw puzzle. From managing social media integration to website mapping, everything is designed to be a child’s play. The security and payment gateways are all taken care off. Weebly offers third-party shopping carts but gives you more than 50+ payment gateways options. Hosting is also extremely reliable with an uptime of 99.99%.


The Weebly Dashboard is very simple and straightforward. You can upload your products in bulk or in specific categories. Arranging and categorizing products are also hassle-free. The dashboard also has a coupon management area which streamlines a lot of hard-work.

Mobile app

You can check the Weebly mobile app, to get details of your store, while on the move. You can communicate seamlessly with your customers, create or edit blogs and micromanage your website from the Weebly app itself. Is ecommerce the future


As a beginner with a low budget, you can trust Weebly. Sign up to their website and learn the basics first for free. You are bound to feel the difference. You can upgrade to their Pro plan to know what they are selling, and if you are a growing company then go with their Business plan. However, if you plan to shift your website to a different platform, that’s also very easy. It uses the universal HTTP, and CSS programming, and all you need is some simple coding. But, with it’s easy to handle interface, it becomes quite addictive to let go of Weebly.

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