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Tools are a man’s best friend in the world of eCommerce. Once you have the right ones, you can extract better information about your business, and also see real-time changes through decision making. The things you can do with the tools are endless because there are tools for every possible demand. The internet also has two versions of the same kind of services; one which is paid and the other free. Proper research into the market is what separates the two. We present to you, the top 10 free eCommerce Builder Tools to help grow your website. Best ecommerce solution


If you want to improve your website speed, without paying up a lot for hosting, you need this tool. It analyses your website’s load time and suggests you 30 different ways of improving your web speed. The tool is free for up to 5 sites, and there is a paid version if you want to add more services. Another great tool is Google PageSpeed, but their analysis is a bit limited. It’s a rising star, and we expect a lot of improvements with further updates, so keep an eye on that as well.

This is a classy tool with many calibers. It will show how your visitors viewed your web site; where they clicked, on which page they spend their most time, or which part of the page. Everything is neatly analyzed with an accompanying suggestion for improvements. It highlights the places where you improve and has a special eCommerce section.

Google Mobile

Friendly Test- Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because 74% of all online orders come from mobile devices. To check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, you need this one classic application. It checks and creates an analysis report within minutes, and requires just the URL of your website and nothing else. Another great app in this regard is Responsinator, which gives you a nice preview of your web page on the various mobile devices. You can check the speed, responsiveness, and overall fell off your website on a mobile screen, by just this one tool.

Google Keyword Planner

If you are planning to create content as a marketing strategy, you better create an account in Google Keyword Planner. It’s the heart of SEO and gives free access to a massive database of what people are searching. You can plan your content in step with what the world demands. It helps add value to your effort and is unavoidable for content creators. It’s a very innovative tool and it’s your long term ally. The more you explore, the more beautiful it gets. Classic Google!

Google Trends

Another very useful tool from Google that helps you understand the market. It shows you what the most trending keywords and also their history are. Loaded with visual analytics, this is a must-have for your products research. You can compare keywords, find out the search volumes and even spread it out over different countries. And the best part is that it’s free.


If you own a website and want to open an eCommerce portal inside your website, then 3dcart is the best tool for you. You don’t need to know any programming or coding. It’s simple to use; upload product images, description, logo, and pricing, and it’s ready in minutes. But you still would need a payment portal and a shipping tool to complete the entire sale process. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent free tool.


PayPal needs no special introduction. It’s the best payment gateway, and it’s free. Free, in a sense, online transactions always charge money, and PayPal takes just that. The transaction fees are pretty standard given the hassle-free service it’s providing. With a robust customer service, global network, and easy to use interface, this is one of the best payment portals you will encounter.

Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar

To keep a tab on how well your website is performing on various benchmarks, Alexa is one of the most reliable tools. It ranks your website globally, nationally, and locally. You can customize the ranking criteria’s and compare your website with that of your competitors. MozBar is another popular research tool that will help you keep an SEO check on your website with others.

Google Alerts

This is an excellent app to notify you if your website is mentioned anywhere on the internet. You can see what others are talking about your website, and give your replies and comments as the administrator of your website. Once you register your site with Google Alert, it will give you an instant notification, wherever your website is mentioned.

Mail Chimp

This is the most-needed app for customer relations. You can send bulk emails to many people at once. The free limit is 2000 recipients and 12000 emails monthly. If your list is smaller than this, you can use the benefits of this tool for absolutely nothing. When your lists grow, you can always buy a higher package.

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